Introducing SmartRealtor
Property Advertising

SmartRealtor is a property listing and management platform aimed at Real Estate Agencies, Agents and Developers.

Optimized for tablets, mobile devices and integrated SEO, SmartRealtor provides all the tools for your Digital Internet Marketing needs.



Made for the Web

Although SmartRealtor is part of the PropertyPages network in Asia and a such interconnected on various levels, PropertyPages' real estate portal is only an extension to what SmartRealtor provides to the real estate professional.

With SmartRealtor, real estate agents or agencies are finally given a cost effective alternative to run their own full ledged, customizable and database driven property website rivaling those of the commercial property advertising portals.

SmartRealtor's content management system (CMS) is designed for and with the real estate industry in mind. The creation of complete company website requires no specialized skills and sites can be setup in hours.

SmartRealtor's integrated tools simplify a real estate agent's daily tasks, letting him or her focus on closing deals rather than creating listings on different sites. Property listings are maintained at One Place, The Agent's own Website. Unlike other portals agents may have signed up, they are in full control of what gets listed on their website.

With the push of a button a property listing or new entry can be further pushed to PropertyPages' Portal, Facebook or Twitter fan pages, Forums or partner sites. If that is not enough, SmartRealtor offers even more features…



One Platform – Rich set of Tools

Publish a complete agen profile and listings on Malaysia's premium real estate property listing portal. Choose the perfect account for your size and get access to thousands of potential buyers or tenants.

Run your own professional property website with 100s of property listings, news, testimonials etc. Chose from themes and styling options to create your own unique real estate website.

Create PDF flyers or a property catalogue within minutes. Offer your own newsletter on your website and run your own email marketing campaign with powerful analytics tools.

Push your content with the click of a button to your own professionally styled Facebook and Twitter fan pages. It has never been easier to present your business on social media platforms.

Integrated contacts and notes management, open house scheduling or property viewing scheduling to name only a few are tools that help you organize your business.

Get access to our condo directory and the price analytics for condos or price developments per regions or property types. Get exact stats who is viewing your ads split by website, mobile, or property pages and from what regions.

Work with Us!


Be Part of a fast growing Property Portal Network

Starting with Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong, BluWebMedia is preparing to launch its SmartRealtor platform and PropertyPages portals throughout Asia, Australia and New Zealand in 2017/18. Talk to us if have experience and contacts in the real estate industry and are interested in running / manage a property portal in your own country or region.


Let Property Agents Submit to your Website

At the core of SmartRealtor is a sophisticated property listing database maintained by our real estate agents that run their own database driven and dynamic websites. If you run your own property portal and wish to grow your listings, contact us. We can help you feed SmartRealtor listings into your database.


Become a Local Support Consultant

SmartRealtor's content management system (CMS) is designed for the real estate professionals and makes it very easy for new agents to setup their websites. Agents however may still require help in creating artwork, logos, images etc. or customize their website. We would like to outsource these tasks to local web designers.

About BluWebMedia!

The core team of BluWebMedia was at the forefront of the internet revolution. Starting in the mid 90s and with a background in financial systems we developed primarily for financial firms writing trading systems, worked in financial data analysis or helping banks with their online presence. Since then we were involved in numerous other projects and developed complex mobile apps over the past couple of years. We embraced open source technologies from the start and our producs are mostly built on it.

BluWebMedia was formed for the sole purpose to promote our new product SmartRealtor and the property portals PropertyPages and ProbertyBuzz. With a core development team of 10 developers, SmartRealtor was in the making for two years and will be launched all over SE Asia, Australia, NZ over the next two years. Each location (country) will run independent portals and offer their own services.

With all that said, it is important for us to point out that BluWebMedia is first and foremost an independent and privately owned Technology Company specializing in Property Portals or applications related to the real estate business. We have no vested interest in dealing with properties nor are we in any way owned by or have investments from other property portals.

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Customization Service


UI/UX Design

Real estate agents or agencies wishing to have their own customized version of their website, tightly integrating with our SmartRealtor platform can contact us for details.



Need help to create your corporate identity? We will help you with your design needs and setup your real estate website with your custom made logos and company colors using one of our many templates.


SEO Marketing

SmartRealtor and your Website are search engine optimized (SEO). With our expertise we offer additional services incorporating AdWords to maximize you internet visibility.